Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Way it Should Be

MacBooks are proving to be quirky little beasts. The Rev 1 ones, anyway. Last Monday I let my battery drain completely and the MacBook went to sleep: all as expected. The next couple of days were very real world busy and I didn't get around to plugging it in. When I finally did there was a cross through the battery icon in the menu bar. I found an Apple document online outlining what to do: reseat the battery, reset the SMC; but nothing worked.

I called Apple this morning expecting to wait on hold for ages, be asked to do things I had already done and finally be directed to a Genius Bar. I was ready for a fight. The nearest Apple Store is about an hour away. What followed was a nice suprise.

No waiting. I got a real live person immediately. I explained what had happened and what I had done. The first question was: "Do you want us to send you a new battery?" I'm still dizzy.

Apple's Repair Status pages are in Japanese and English (and probably a slew of other languages too).

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